Neon Quartet - Stan Sulzmann

Neon Quartet

‘The music produced by the Neon Quartet is at once muscular and thoughtful, rich and subtle, its four members bouncing ideas off each other with infectious enjoyment’.
– London Jazz


Neon Quartet is made up of four extraordinary musicians equipped with strong personalities and individual sounds, but it’s when the four play together that the magic really happens. Led by legendary British saxophonist Stan Sulzmann, the quartet combines the values of experience with the freshness and vitality of youth.

Featuring three of the most talked about and in demand players of their generation: Kit Downes, Jim Hart and Tim Giles, Neon’s latest album “Subjekt” looks set to firmly root this formidable band as one of the most exciting and leading chamber jazz ensembles in the UK scene.

neon-subjektSubjekt is the new album by the Neon Quartet and their second for Edition Records. Their music is rich in colour, rhythmically robust and melodically persuasive, bursting with texture, nuances and interplay.

Subjekt is available to purchase at Edition Records.

‘Each member makes a superb individual contribution but the Quartet’s real strength is how brilliantly they combine as a team, sharing melodic and rhythmic duties on this complex, often dazzling, perpetually shifting, but never overtly “difficult” music. Sulzmann seems to thrive in the company of these still young lions of the UK jazz scene, relishing the challenges their collective levels of adventurousness set for him. He celebrates his sixty fifth birthday in 2013 but on this evidence is currently making the best music of his life.’
The Jazz Mann

‘It’s another advance for this gifted, multi-generational band’s reflections on jazz’s past and present.’
The Guardian

Catch Me

Catch Me is available to purchase at Edition Records.

‘The Quartet’s use of counterpoint, its rhythmic flexibility, imaginative interplay and lyrical and inventive soloing combine improvisation with a scrupulous attention to detail without compromising the organic development of each performance.’
Irish Times *****

‘A delightful surprise….purposefully hip and vibrant…Hart’s conversations with Downes sound like some of the most seductive piano-vibes dialogues this side of John Lewis’s and Milt Jackson’s in the legendary Modern Jazz Quartet.’
The Guardian ****

‘Neon’s sheer concentration of talent, enhanced by its singularity of purpose, makes every moment of Catch Me spellbinding… Serious music vibrating with energy and beauty… Don’t miss it.’
All About Jazz (Chris May)

‘Absorbing, elegant but forceful music from four of the UK’s most accomplished musicians; recommended.’
Vortex CD Reviews

‘The interplay between the musicians of the Neon Quartet is consistently interesting and technically brilliant.’
The Jazz Mann

The Observer