Taylor/Sulzmann Duo - Stan Sulzmann

Taylor/Sulzmann Duo

Previously unreleased recordings from 1990 of the duo with John Taylor that previously recorded “Everybody’s Song But My Own’ (vinyl only) for the ‘Loose Tubes’ label.

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Track list

1. Pure & Simple (Taylor)
2. Slow Loris (Sulzmann)
3. Stango (Taylor)
4. Free Ballad (Taylor/Sulzmann)
5. Extracts (Taylor/Sulzmann)
6. CD Smith (Taylor)
7. Country/Raindrops (Taylor/Sulzmann)
8. Cartoon/Room for Improvement (Taylor)
9. Straight Man (Taylor)
10. ‘Q’ (Taylor)
11. Ocean Deep (Sulzmann)
12. Spider (Sulzmann)
13. Haari (Sulzmann)