Stan Sulzmann (Press) - Stan Sulzmann

Stan Sulzmann (Press)

‘But a shining light of the whole attractive enterprise is the presence of Stan Sulzmann, who seems to sound more personal and hauntingly moving than ever.’ John Fordham, Jazz UK

‘It simply doesn’t get any better than this.’ John Kelman

‘Sulzmann – the classy composer’ John Fordham

‘Unquestionably one of the best post bop releases of the year, Sulzmann’s The Jigsaw will hopefully hip North American audiences to what the British have known all along.’ John Kelman, All About Jazz

‘The chemistry of 2010 Mercury prize nominee pianist Kit Downes, vibraphonist Jim Hart and drummer Tim Giles was an inspirational setting for the lyrical saxophonist Stan Sulzmann in his second edition of the Neon group’. The Guardian

‘ravishing, delicious, powerful and direct…meticulously written, sometimes echoing the imaginative and much missed orchestra of Michael Gibbs’ The Guardian

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